Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of common questions and answers on a specific topic.

How to bonus percentage works?

If you use bonus percentage, your winning percentage will increase. You can see how it works in the example.

How does my bonus percentage count?

You can count your chance to win with bonus using this formula:



WIN CHANCE = 60.00
BONUS = 5.00%

60.00 * 5% + 60.00 = 63.00% - Your chance to win

How do I get coins?

You can get the credits by:

  • Inviting new players to join our website.
  • Upgrading skins (Successful upgrade is 2% of value of the skin. Failure to upgrade is 1% of value of the skin).
  • Using daily bonuses.

How does the restock work?

Restock is a system which allows you to exchange your credits into skins.

How do I upgrade my skins?

In order to upgrade your skins you have to deposit them into the site using the Deposit button.

Keep in mind that some low-value or low-popularity items are not depositable.

Items under $0.10 are not available to upgrade.

Why are some of my items missing from the deposit page?

You might need to refresh your inventory by clicking the “Refresh” button on the top right of the Deposit popup. Items under $0.10 are not showing up.

How do I withdraw my skins?

Go to the Withdraw page, select yor items and then hit the Withdraw button.

What are the affiliate levels?

Rank Depositors needed Credits per person Commision (on succes upgrade)
Bronze 0-9 $0.05 0.5%
Silver 10-99 $0.10 1.0%
Gold 100-999 $0.15 1.5%
Ruby 1000-2999 $0.20 2.0%
Emerald 3000-4999 $0.25 2.5%
Diamond 5000+ $0.30 3.0%